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You can find a simple and reliable avalanche beacon in the Tracker 2 from
Backcountry Access. This beacon has the ability to transmit your location over
160 feet while giving you the capabilities to search for survivors. It can't
show you how many survivors there are, but an icon will tell you if there is
more than one person who is buried. The Tracker 2 is smaller than many other
beacons we looked at, but with the included shoulder harness, you won't have to
worry about losing this transceiver.
Turning the Tracker 2 emergency locator on will trigger a self-diagnostic test
to make sure everything is running correctly. Once the diagnostics have run, the
Tracker 2 automatically turns to transmit mode. This mode transmits your
location up to 164 feet and uses three antennas to make sure it is transmitting
the strongest signal.
To start seeking out avalanche victims with the Tracker 2, you need only flip a
switch. This personal locator beacons emits a loud beeping sound when it has
picked up the signal of a buried transceiver. The digital display shows you the
distance to that spot while an arrow points you in the direction general
direction. If you pass the victim and head in the wrong direction, the distance
increases, indicating you should turn around.
If there are multiple victims buried, a small light will illuminate on the
Tracker 2. However, unlike more advanced beacons, this device has no LCD screen
to show you the location of multiple burials. Once the light comes on indicating
multiple buried transceivers, you switch the beacon to Special mode and start
pivoting in a circle. The Tracker 2 will light up when it's pointed in the
direction of a buried beacon, and it will tell you the distance to the beacon.
When you've rotated a full circle and figured out how many victims need your
help, you can track them down one at a time. The multiple-burial light will
pulsate if you are within 10 feet of two or more victims. Searching for multiple
victims is quicker on a higher-quality device that maps out the location of up
to four burials and lets you mark their exact position on a screen. Backcountry
points out that multiple burials are rare, and that is true. All the same, we
prefer a device that is better equipped, even for unlikely emergency scenarios.
You can contact Backcountryaccess.com by phone or email, or you can use the live
chat feature. We were in constant contact with one of the reps, who was very
knowledgeable and responded to our initial email within 12 hours. The Tracker 2
emergency transmitter comes with a five-year warranty.

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